Friday, March 4, 2011

Card Spotlight: 3-4-11

2010 Leaf Sports Icons Update Joe Jackson #2 - "Shoeless Joe" Jackson

Late in 2010, Leaf made a big splash with a promotion of Joe Jackson. The big prize was an autograph from Shoeless Joe himself. It involved four cards that would be given or found of Joe Jackson inside a four leaf clover.

While that promotion received a lot of attention, something else was glossed over, or mostly ignored. A fifteen card insert set of Joe Jackson.

These were by no means meant to be the chase cards, but the set does feature pretty sharp looking photos of Jackson, minus any MLB logos. It provides a glimpse into a man that is more like a leprechaun. He is talked about a lot, but there are very few actual sightings of him on cards.

This insert set tries to correct that, the best it can. I had actually forgotten about these cards until last month, when I ran across a few during a routine research of eBay. I was able to snag this card for 69 cents. How could I pass that up?

One card down, fourteen to go. I have absolutely no chance at that signature. 2010 Leaf Sports Icons Update is too costly for me right now. Even if I could afford it, I would still have my reservations at purchasing a box consisting of two cut signature cards and a Joe Jackson insert card. I would have the kind of luck that would see me sell off the two cut signature cards at auction for half of what the box cost. I can still have fun completing the "throwaway cards".
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