Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cards That Never Were #44

1962 Topps - Coot Veal

Orville Inman "Coot" Veal started and ended his MLB career with the Detroit Tigers. In between, he played briefly for the Washington Senators and even briefer for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Coot's stops in Detroit and Washington D.C. are well documented on cardboard, but his blink and you'll miss him appearance with the Pirates never was.

Veal's tale from Detroit to Detroit is an interesting one. On December 14, 1960, he was drafted by the Senators in the 1961 expansion draft. Coot became the first player to bat in Washington Senators history on April 10, 1961 with a single to third base against Early Wynn and the Chicago White Sox.

In November 1961, Veal was purchased by the Pittsburgh Pirates. On April 17, 1962, Pirates pitcher Tom Sturdivant only lasted an inning in Wrigley Field against the Cubs. Sturdivant was shelled for five runs, all earned. Lou Brock led off with an inside the park home run and things escalated from there.

Sturdivant was pulled after the half inning, but after a Don Leppert home run, the Pittsburgh pitcher spot in the order was now going to be up in the second inning. Coot pinch hit for Sturdivant and struck out looking, ending the Pirates half of the second inning. Jack Lamabe came out to pitch the bottom of the second and Coot Veal would never get into another game as a Pirate. In June 1962, Veal was traded to the Detroit Tigers.

Coot would spend part of 1963 with the Tigers, his last in the majors. In 1964, he would split time between the Cardinals and the White Sox AAA teams.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, schweet man. I love your cards. I had no idea that someone was doing what I'm doing. I've made about 6600 "cards that never were."

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