Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1948 White Sox Team Issue Photos

In 1948, the White Sox issued a set of thirty photos that measured approximately 6 1/2 x 9 inches. This would mark one of the first widely distributed White Sox cards since the United States' initial involvement in World War II.

Rationing during the war, meant that very few baseball card sets were issued in the forties. The fortunes of the White Sox in this decade did not help their case for inclusion of any Pale Hose player in the mid-forties.

The biggest star of the team was Luke Appling, who was nearing the end of his playing career. In a tradition that was revived in the twenty-first century, the coaching staff had a couple of stars from the team's history, Red Faber and Ted Lyons. Ted took over in the middle of the 1946 season, when he played his last games. This would be Lyons' last season as a manager, as the team got progressively worse each season, since he took the reigns.

The White Sox issued thirty unnumbered photos in this set.

1 - Luke Appling
2 - Floyd Baker
3 - Fred Bradley
4 - Earl Caldwell
5 - Red Faber CO
6 - Bob Gillespie
7 - Jim Goodwin
8 - Orval Grove
9 - Earl Harrist
10 - Joe Haynes
11 - Ralph Hodgin
12 - Howie Judson
13 - Bob Kennedy
14 - Don Kolloway
15 - Tony Lupien
16 - Ted Lyons MG
17 - Cass Michaels
18 - Bing Miller CO
19 - Buster Mills CO
20 - Glen Moulder
21 - Frank Papish
22 - Ike Pearson
23 - Dave Philley
24 - Aaron Robinson
25 - Mike Tresh
26 - Jack Wallaesa
27 - Ralph Weigel
28 - Bill Wight
29 - Taft Wright
30 - Team Photo

This is pretty standard fare as far as team photo sets go. It's a peek into a time where the White Sox weren't well documented on any type of ephemera. This set would come a year before the first White Sox player would appear on a Bowman card and a year after the regional and popular Tip Top Bread set. These photos are the perfect stop-gap between the two card sets and offer a more comprehensive look at the team.

This is the only set to feature players Fred Bradley, Bob Gillespie, Jim Goodwin, Earl Harrist, Frank Papish and Ike Pearson pictured in a White Sox uniform.

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LoCoDe said...

If they all look as good as the Faber, that would be a nice set to own.

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