Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random Card #23

I'm not sure what Floyd Bannister did in 1986 to get consideration for Fleer's exclusive Limited Edition set in 1987, but here he is at card number one.

Floyd went 10-14 in 1986 with 6 complete games, 162 hits allowed in 165 1/3 innings with 92 strikeouts. Those numbers don't exactly set the world on fire. So, what was Floyd doing here? Maybe Fleer was tired of putting Harold Baines and Carlton Fisk on everything.

Like I've mentioned several times before, I love oddball White Sox cards. This may not be the definition of an oddball card, but it comes close enough. If I never laid eyes on it as a kid in 1987, it was an oddball to me.

Having Floyd Bannister on this card instead of the usual suspects is just icing on the cake. It gets boring when every release has the same three or four players in the set. There are over 20 more guys, at any given time, on the team. I love sets that use that knowledge.

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