Monday, May 5, 2008

5-4-08: Sox 3 - Blue Jays 4

May 4, 2008 - Toronto, Ontario

One missed call says it all.

There were flashes of brilliance emerging from the Sox on Sunday. It wasn't a full blown attack, but there were bright spots. The Sox managed to get back the three runs in the fourth inning that they just gave up the half inning before. The problem was that the Blue Jays had already scored a run in the second inning. So, the Sox ended up coming close again, but no victory cigar.

The three runs that the Blue Jays had were started by a missed double play call. The lead runner was tagged for the first of two outs. Or so it seemed. The umpire was at a vantage point where he couldn't see the tag. As a result of that, there was only the out at first. But that is just an excuse. No team is going to get every call. A team has to play over those blown calls. The Sox aren't doing that lately. Maybe this will fire the Sox up.

The good:
Getting those three runs back right away.

Jose Contreras pitched well enough to complete the game.

The bad:
4 hits.

Carlos Quentin was hit by another pitch.

The ugly:
That blown double play call.

A tough loss for Contreras.
Hopefully, the Sox will salvage the last game of the series. They are currently 0-5 on artificial turf this year. If the Sox do make it to the World Series, maybe it should be against a natural grass National League team.

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