Monday, May 12, 2008

Back In Black

I am resting comfortably today after four days of 10 1/2 hour workdays and alternating nights between my fiancee's house and mine. My feet hurt, but not as much as they did Thursday and Friday night. My calves are sore, but they don't feel like lumpy concrete anymore. My back is surprisingly fine.

Things I have learned from this work week.

- West Coast games are really difficult to watch when you have to be up slightly past 4.

- If the Sox are on Comcast Sports Net, the games are replayed in the middle of the night and they are also "On Demand" for two days.

- The readers have been thoughtful and understanding.

- The Sox do just fine when I don't watch.

- Never accidentally bang yourself in the foot with a runaway pallet jack (twice) in the same spot.

- People love The Jerk.

- First they didn't have the bamboo umbrellas for the drinks, and now snails on the plate!

- The job should take less of a toll on me as the weeks go by. So, that should include more time for blogging!

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