Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mailbox Joys: A Hodgepodge Of Cards

I sent off a what I had from the 1986 Topps set to fill in the missing cards from Operation Topps over at Bad Wax. Today, I received a package from Mike with a few White Sox cards and then a few puzzling surprises.

First the card I needed for my 1986 Topps team set. Number 103, Luis Salazar. Then there were two 2008 Topps cards. Number 248, Jose Contreras and number 274, Jermaine Dye. I already had these cards, but I always welcome White Sox cards. These will be my backups in case the originals fail to uphold their duties.

Digging deeper in the package, I pulled out two 1987 Topps cards. Number 454, Luis Salazar and number 491, Ron Karkovice. I have them both, but like I said, White Sox cards are always welcome in this home.

Then I started to get a look like Luis Salazar has on his 1986 Topps card. I pulled a 2008 Topps Own The Game, Vladimir Guerrero and a 2008 Topps Opening Day, Luke Hochevar. Hmmm. Not White Sox, but pretty cool. I know a few people that will appreciate these cards. What is our trading community if it is not sharing the love of cards. My rule generally is to keep what I collect and pass the rest on to people who really need them for their collection.

Then, it got stranger. I started pulling a bunch of random 1986 Topps cards. The Twins' Ron Davis looks like he's straining himself in mid-pitch. The Dodgers' Enos Cabell is pictured in a classic pose. They came one after the other. Kirk McCaskill, Dave Van Gorder, Dave Concepcion, Warren Brusstar, Dean of the Mariners - Dave Henderson, Frank Williams.

Still more came out of the package. Greg Gagne looks like he's about to cross someone in a dark alley. Bust shots of Pascual Perez and Earnie Riles. Dean of the Dodgers - Bill Russell, Bill Doran, Dick Williams, Glenn Brummer and Steve Garvey.

Let's just say that I'm surprised. I'm very appreciative of the varying array of cards. There are some beautiful cards in there. There is more to baseball than just the White Sox and these cards represent that in wonderful fashion. Thanks, Mike! Your package is greatly appreciated! I can't wait to help you with Operation Topps 1987.


Chemgod said...

I tried to give you as much as I could get into the envelope. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again for your help with the 1986 set.

Steve Gierman said...

It's very appreciated! I can't wait to help with the 1987 set.

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