Friday, May 2, 2008

Random Card #17

Thaddis, why so angry? Could it be that you were taking your .224 average out to the field with you. That may be why you appear on the White Sox on your 1981 Fleer card, but you were actually traded to the Brewers on April 1, 1981.

You didn't get to even play a game with the Sox in 1981. Not that it would matter. Thad would only improve his season batting average by 5 points in 1981. He wouldn't hit his stride until he was with the Cubs in the mid-eighties.

I've been looking very similar to this photo of Thad today. My computer was infected by two viruses, one spyware and one adware. I got a clue, when my computer became ultra sluggish and AOL kept trying to load by itself. Then different websites in German would pop up. Not my favorite way to spend the day.

Luckily, I have a multitude of programs to deal with this. I ran four programs and cleared out everything. It wasted the entire day and crept into the night though. Damn Germans. Always causing trouble. I'm half German, so I can say that with a hearty laugh. Oh well. If you use the computer enough, you're bound to pick up something.

I realized how that last sentence sounds. Especially when Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror popped up on the iPod. Meh. I still stick by that statement. Tomorrow will be a better day. And of course, what post about a bad day (computer-wise at least) wouldn't be complete without Paint It Black by the Stones popping up on shuffle. Kinda sums up the entire day.

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