Tuesday, May 6, 2008

#67 - John Danks

Even though John Danks now wears number 50, he started out as number 67. When he wore 67, he was a pitcher with a lot of potential and a lot of upside, with a little rawness, nervousness and bad luck mixed in with flashes of brilliance.

In 2008, John has transformed himself into a great pitcher. If he continues on this path, John will become a premier pitcher. That is a wonderful thing to finally see. It's not often that minor league pitchers get traded to the Sox that turn into something special. John definitely has the tools to become something special.

While John lost 13 of his 26 games in 2007, he showed enough promise to be one of the rookies the Sox were counting on big time in 2008. So far, John has put on quite a show. His record may not show it, from lack of run support, but Danks is one of the stoppers on the starting staff. John has stepped up his game, big time.

If Danks can stay healthy, I can see a long, successful career for him. I hope he turns into another Beuhrle and not another Bere.

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