Monday, May 26, 2008

5-24-08: Angels 2 - Sox 0

May 24, 2008 - Chicago, Illinois

Extended streak.

Unfortunately, it the losing kind. Two games is a streak, three games is a trend and four games usually means a sweep. This was a close game that was winnable on both ends. The Angels just held on to what John Danks gave them.

With only three hits by three different players, it's hard to choose someone to represent the game, but Nick Masset's successful pickoff was probably the highlight for the White Sox in this game, so with his Rangers cards in abundance, here is a 2005 Upper Deck Pro Sigs card.

The good:
Nick Masset's pickoff.

Brian Anderson's double.

The bad:
Only 2 walks for the Sox.

Only 3 hits.

The ugly:
2 throwing errors by Carlos Quentin.

The first four Sox batters wer 0 for 15!

Brian Anderson ending up at second base would be the farthest a Sox batter would get on the bases. That is a tragedy. The anemic White Sox offense has shown back up. I wish that would stay away. The big, fat offense needs a little more exercise.

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