Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trading With fakehorsemuffins

I received an interesting trade offer on May 15th. A Wax Heaven reader who goes by the name fakehorsemuffins, e-mailed me about a certain card that he pulled. He is a Marlins fan, who has no use for White Sox cards. So, he figured that he'd offer it to me and I'd jump at the chance.

Well, he was right. I jumped. It seems that fakehorsemuffins pulled a 2007 Bowman Chrome Orange refractor of Josh Fields numbered 25/25. Hmmm, let's see here.... a card of rookie phenom Josh Fields, who is primed to take over third base when Joe Crede leaves via trade or free agency. Plus, it's numbered to only 25? Yeah, I would love to have it.

We agreed on a loose trade and I found the card sitting in my mailbox today. The orange refractor is a thing of beauty and the scanner does not even come close to capturing the essence of the card. The scanner makes the card look flat, like an orange parallel of the regular Bowman set. The card in person, is a shiny, almost citrusy example of beauty.

When the trade was agreed upon, I searched eBay for a game used Uggla card and found one. It should be currently en route to my house. In turn, I will take that card and a few assorted others to fakehorsemuffins as a thank you to complete the trade. It may take a little longer than I want, but there will be cards sent in return. I'm just waiting on an eBay seller.


dayf said...

Nice pickup. I have a Chipper Jones orange base card and there is something about that orange that's mesmerising. It looks a lot better with the green borders though. It clashes with the red and looks very strange.

Wax Heaven said...

Awesome! That's a great card to add to the White Sox collection.

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