Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Card #19

Charlie Hough is about halfway through a windup that he started in a warm up session in 1991. That time frame seems about right for a Charlie Hough pitch. Seventeen years to get to the halfway point of the delivery of a dancing knuckleball.

A battery of Charlie Hough and Carlton Fisk guaranteed a game over three hours. Between Hough's slow delivery and Fisk's sixteen step routine before each pitch, games would stretch, as Hawk Harrelson might put it.

Charlie's knuckleball was effective though. Between the slowness of the pitch and the movement, it was a tough pitch to get a read on. He also had a fastball and a slider that mixed it up and kept the hitter out of sync.

Hough was gone by the time the Sox won their division. He went on to pitch with the Marlins, becoming their first starting pitcher in team history.


Spiff said...

Always liked Hough when he played with Texas and was sorry to see him go.

Uglee Card said...

What's wrong with the White Sox bats? I miss old Thome.

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