Saturday, May 3, 2008

5-3-08: Sox 2 - Blue Jays 5

May 3, 2008 - Toronto, Ontario

Trouble's a brewin'

The Sox offense can't be this bad. I refuse to believe that. Another decent outing by a starting pitcher was basically eliminated. The trouble came for John Danks through a multitude of foul balls and errors by his defense.

At least the offense is showing some signs of life. Solo shots by Jermaine Dye and a league leading Carlos Quentin showed a little bit of the power and swagger that the Sox have been lacking lately. The Sox are making average pitchers look like supermen. This too shall pass.

The good:
Solo home runs by Dye and Quentin.

A double by Joe Crede.

The bad:
Six hits for the Sox.

Four different batters were 0 for 4.

The ugly:
No walks for Sox batters.

Errors by Ozuna and Crede led to three unearned runs.

The unearned runs were the difference in the score for the second game in a row. At least the Sox stopped a 19 inning scoreless streak. Jermaine Dye has recovered somewhat from his sidelining injury. Carlos Quentin is the AL home run leader? I still can't fathom that, but at least it's something positive.

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