Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5-5-08: Sox 0 - Blue Jays 1

May 5, 2008 - Toronto, Ontario

The Sox couldn't even get cinco hits on Cinco de Mayo.

History was made tonight. For the first time in the Blue Jays entire existence as a team, they swept the White Sox in a four game series. Think about that for a second.

The Blue Jays started playing in 1977. Their first game was against the White Sox on a snow covered field. This includes both of the seasons that the Blue Jays won World Championships. In all that time, with all those good teams, this is the first time the Jays have swept a four game series from the Sox. That's simply amazing.

The Sox had golden opportunities to score that were completely wasted. Juan Uribe and Toby Hall started the third with a single and a double. With runners on second and third with no one out, the Sox stranded both runners. Juan Uribe did not help matters by staying at third on a ground ball to Eckstein, who was playing short very deep. It should have been an easy run.

The Sox also wasted three straight walks with one out in the ninth. Pablo Ozuna promptly grounded into a double play to end the game, as if scripted.

The good:
Juan Uribe had two hits.

Javier Vazquez pitched another gem.

The bad:
4 hits.

3 walks, all coming in the ninth.

The ugly:
Two golden opportunities to score with less than two outs wasted.

Vazquez gave up a solo home run, which was the only run scored in the game.

Maybe a homecoming is just the thing to perk the offense up. Alexei Ramirez is returning for the home stand. Could Alexei be the missing ingredient? Probably not, but anything is possible at this point. Hopefully, the Sox will win again soon. If not, maybe Ozzie will start calling the bloggers out by name for playing "manager" at home.

All I know is that Ozzie might actually be half serious when he suggested that Harold Baines and Greg Walker would be in the next game's lineup. That would certainly be something. Hopefully, that wouldn't prove to be better. If the losing continues, we may see Harold and Walker in a game.

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