Monday, May 12, 2008

5-9-08: Sox 4 - Mariners 2

May 9, 2008 - Seattle, Washington

The West Coast has seen its fair share of problems for the White Sox. Most of those problems have resulted in loses, no matter how the team was doing. Maybe it was a state of mind or just bad luck. The Sox seem to be slowly exorcising those demons.

Everyone except Joe Crede had a hit in this game. The hitters saw Silva well enough for four runs. The Sox pitching was anchored by a good outing for Jose Contreras, who only gave up one run.

The problems looked like they were starting to resurface in the ninth inning when Bobby Jenks gave up a solo home run. Luckily, Jenks settled down to finish out the game without letting another run cross the plate.

The good:
Jose Contreras' pitching.

A nice insurance homer by Thome.

The bad:
Orlando Cabrera was caught stealing.

A.J.'s throwing error.

The ugly:
Bobby Jenks giving up the home run.

Ichiro and Beltre stole bases.

A better game for the Sox and a good way to start out a road trip. The Sox might start to do well on the West Coast. If that turns out to be the case, then maybe another playoff run isn't out of the question.

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