Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vance Law Has A Pretty Cool Auto

While I was checking out the White Sox section at 83 Fleer Project, I saw this card of Vance Law. He has a pretty cool autograph. I can actually read the signature and the autograph seems to have a bit of flair.

As much as I would like to have an autographed card of Vance cleaning his glasses, I think I might choose another card for him to sign. I'm not sure why Fleer would pick this photograph to use on a card.

I can just hear Vance talking to himself.

"There's that pesky spot again. I thought I got that. Baseball can be such a dirty game. I sure hope no one is taking a picture of this. What would my dad think?"

Well, the combo of the early eighties and Fleer equals embarrassing photographs. If you like your players standing next to outlets or piping, then early eighties Fleer is the card for you. At least the cool looking autograph more than makes up for the picture.

1 comment:

--David said...

I wonder how long he 'practiced' that signature before deciding that it was 'the one' to be used on his cards? :-)

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