Friday, May 30, 2008

Card Spotlight 5-30-08

This is one of the few key Sammy Sosa rookie cards that didn't make him look like a puppet reject from Sesame Street. It shows him playing his game and doing what he did best back then.

Sammy was all about the bunt hit. If he could place a decent bunt, then his speed would get him to first. This part of Sammy's game got away from him as he "discovered" his home run swing with the Cubs.

His strikeout ratio would climb ever higher because of that. Sammy always had a high strikeout ratio, but it was being worked on when he was with the White Sox. It's something that, I would presume, was stopped from being worked on when he went over to the North Side of town.

That's a real shame. Sammy was positioning himself to be an all around five tool player, but instead chose a one dimensional path to glory, then exile. Sammy could have been a great player, not a great joke in the scheme of things. This card reminds me of what could have been.

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