Tuesday, December 11, 2007


When visiting Chicago, be sure to stop by the North Side and see the Fukudome, imported straight from Japan. The price tag averages $12MM per year over four years with final figures yet to be fully determined. Hopefully the rides will not break down at the Fukudome like they did last year. The Cubbie faithful are hoping for more of an Ichiro Suzuki and less of a Akinori Iwamura.

Will this be the final piece of the puzzle to end the 100 years of futility on the North Side? I don't know. We'll have to see how the season progresses. What I do know is that Kenny Williams has the hat trick in deals gone sour against him. Hunter, Cabrera, Fukudome. Sounds like a decent outfield if you put them all together.

Will this be a blessing in disguise for the White Sox? It may be, but who knows for sure at this stage. All I'm certain of is that the options for the Sox are getting slimmer. It looks like Aaron Rowand might be a White Sox again. That solves the centerfield option, but leaves a big gaping hole at the leadoff spot.

One could argue that Jerry Owens would fit the leadoff role and play centerfield at the same time. This option actually looks promising now. As the free agent outfielders start signing onto other teams, the only option that will be left is through trade. The problem is that other teams don't want what the Sox are willing to give. I'm hoping that since there will be new blood working on the draft next year, the Sox will start to improve their farm system.

Whether or not the White Sox were an option for Kosuke Fukudome may never be known. It may have been yet another tactic to drive up the price for other teams, namely the Cubs. Will the Cubs get the bargain of the off-season or will they have overpaid for an unproven major league player with a recent injury. It should be interesting to see either way.

I'm not getting on the Cubs case. Please don't misinterpret anything I've written. I don't have sour grapes or anything either. I'm just trying to evaluate the signing. A lot of Cubs fans in Chicago will jump down your throat if you even think about questioning the logic of the Tribune owned baseball team. These are the same ones who gloat every time the White Sox have something not go their way.

If I seem a bit defensive, that's the only reason. These fans give baseball and Chicago a bad name. I can see and appreciate both sides of town, but I'll never bleed Cubbie Blue. I have no problem with other people who want to do that though. That's their right, just as it's my right to be a White Sox fan. I'm a White Sox fan first and a baseball fan second.

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