Wednesday, December 26, 2007

#23 - Robin Ventura

There's was almost a three way tie for this number. Three players have excelled at this number in a White Sox uniform. Jermaine Dye, Gary Peters and Robin Ventura. All deserve to be here, but there can only be one.

After years of mediocre third basemen (remember Tim Hulett? anyone? anyone?) Robin Ventura exploded onto the scene as one of the premier third basemen in the nineties. He was a perfect compliment to Frank Thomas in the lineup and he played stellar defense.

He hit in the high .200's most of his career, knew how to draw a walk, had around 100 RBI most seasons and could also hurt you with the long ball. This was a very difficult thing to accomplish batting fifth after Frank Thomas and whoever was DHing that game. Yes, there was a time when Frank Thomas played first base. There was also a reason why the posters said "Batman and Robin". Batman was Frank, but Robin was no slouch either.

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