Thursday, December 6, 2007

1993 Rice Council

You know I love the truly bizarre cards. This is one of the more bizarre I've run across. A ten card set from the USA Rice Council. I couldn't decide whether to post the picture of Steve Sax cooking rice or working out, so I put both of them up. There are only 10 cards and Steve Sax has two!! Truly bizarre!

I have no idea what to say about these cards. Frankly, I'm surprised they exist. I still can't get over the fact that Steve Sax has two cards in this set. Simply amazing! He looks like a talk show host in the blue card and looks like a pissed off Steve Guttenberg in the red one.

Steve Sax was a baseball stud who almost wasn't. For most of the 80's, he suffered from Steve Blass disease. By 1989, he was cured. Maybe it was all the rice. He was on the White Sox in 1992 and 1993, long after he was cured. My favorite memory of Steve Sax didn't come from a baseball game, it cam from one of my favorite shows. He did a guest voice on The Simpsons in the Homer At The Bat episode. He was arrested by Springfield police for all the unsolved murders in New York. Still, the best part of that episode was the mocking chants of "Darryl"!

The list of other cards is beyond bizarre. It definitely mixes up the lineup. Since it's a ten card set, I'll post the entire checklist.

  • 1 - Steve Sax (baseball)
  • 2 - Troy Aikman (football)
  • 3 - Roger Clemens (baseball)
  • 4 - Zina Garrison (tennis - yes I had to look that up)
  • 5 - Warren Moon (football)
  • 6 - Summer Sanders (Olympic swimmer)
  • 7 - Steve Sax (baseball - again!!)
  • 8 - Brian Shimer (Olympic bobsledder)
  • 9 - Food Guide Pyramid (replaced by MyPyramid in 2005)
  • 10 - Ten Tips To Healthy... (does anyone really need a trading card of this?)

Wow, I'm almost speechless. How did a card set like this escape me for so long? I suppose it's a good idea. The back of each card is supposed to have a different recipe for rice dishes. Who couldn't use more recipes or more oddball card releases?

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