Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Surprising 2008?

There's an interesting article at USA Today about the 2008 season for the White Sox. It paints the club in a very positive light. It just goes to show that when you stop focusing on the negatives and start focusing on the positives, it looks a whole lot better than 2007.

Most of the negatives going into 2008 seem to be what Kenny Williams and the White Sox have lost out on. While that does sting a lot, there are plenty of positives to look at. Problem areas have been upgraded or at the very least changed. The rotation is still pretty much intact. Many of the glaring problems last year came from career low years from many players and/or from injuries.

The oft injured parts of the outfield have been replaced. The shortstop has been upgraded and the bullpen has gotten better. There are a lot of positives that are showing. The negatives only really show when focus is on the players that "got away" and what other clubs have done. While it looks good on paper for a lot of the other clubs, that rarely translates the same way in real life. That's something at least.

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