Friday, December 21, 2007

#18 - Rocky Colavito

Rocky only spent a little less than half a season with the White Sox in 1967. He didn't do that well, but he was obtained for a pennant push that ended the White Sox in fourth, only three games behind the first place Boston Red Sox.

Rocky is here mostly for his past glories and for helping the Sox just miss the World Series. If there was someone more deserving at #18, they would be here instead of Rocky.

The coolest fact about Rocky Colavito is that there is a curse named after him in Cleveland. The curse details the misfortunes of the Indians following the trade to get Rocky back in 1965. The Indians gave up Tommy John and Tommie Agee to the White Sox in a three way trade with the Athletics. It's interesting reading that details many things going wrong with the Indians, but hardly a curse.

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