Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm Not The Only One, Harold

Apparently, there are more people supporting Harold Baines than I thought. Check this article out. I stumbled upon the link while reading the White Sox Pride blog.

It expands on some points in my Hall of Fame post from November. The article compares Harold's numbers to a couple of Hall of Famer's numbers. It's an interesting read with good stats on Harold and a great argument for being in the Hall of Fame.

The tide is turning. Help get Harold Baines elected to the Hall of Fame. He is most identified as a White Sox, but he was also a Ranger, an Athletic, an Indian and an Oriole.

Let's get people talking about Harold. Let's get his name out there. Don't waste a write-in vote, vote for Harold Baines instead. Don't waste a vote on a steroid user, give it to Harold.

Harold has always been soft-spoken, so let's speak up for him. Plead his case to any potential voter you can. If everyone gets his name out there, we can get this accomplished. The fans owe it to Harold.

Har-old! Har-old! Har-old!

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