Monday, December 10, 2007

Hey Bud, Let's Party!

When you're marrying into another family, you have certain obligations that go along into that. I don't even want to go into obligations for marrying into your own family. Not my place at all.

One of those obligations is the family party. You'll notice that I haven't posted since early Saturday. Well, Saturday early afternoon was my fiancée's paternal side holiday extravaganza. Yes, the beloved Christmas party. I had fun, but it took me away from the computer for almost two days. I did sneak in for a minute to check e-mail, but that was it.

Seven hours of eating, greeting, watching bad Bulls basketball and picking grab bag gifts was exhausting. Throw in the fact that I'm sleeping in a strange bed because the streets were a sheet of ice and you get a good picture of the past two days.

I've enjoyed all the great feedback I've been getting. Thank you to everyone who's left a note. All of it is read and all of it is appreciated. I will get back to the White Sox and baseball cards a little later in the day. Since the mad rush of postings the last few weeks, this probably seemed like a shock. Life unfortunately intrudes sometimes, but back to the grind.

You may be wondering why I picked the 2005 Topps Chrome Red X-Fractor to accompany this post. Well, simply, it looks festive. No other reason. It's red and sparkly. It reminds me of a Christmas present and what better present than a World Championship the year this card came out.

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