Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ozzie Breaks The News To Cabrera

How's this for strange. When Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen called his wife last night to tell her that the Tigers had just traded for Miguel Cabrera, she had an unexpected reply.

"That's funny,'' she said, "He's sitting in the car right next to me.''

Ozzie's wife was driving Miguel Cabrera to the airport in Miami. Cabrera was on his way home to Venezuela at the time. To me, this illustrates how close the families really are. That had to be extremely tough on Ozzie.

Wow! Drama, anticipation, excitement, anguish... I can't wait to see how this off-season ends. It already has the makings of a Lifetime movie or, at the very least, a really good after school special. The 2006 Allen & Ginter card of Ozzie Guillen can be the DVD cover. Ozzie looks like he's in the middle of one of those sappy dramas with the arms crossed pose, looking off the one side.

Maybe Reinsdorf and Kenny can negotiate the rights to the movie in exchange for Johan Santana. Then the movie would have a happy ending! Yeah, you're right, only in the movies folks.


Tragik007 said...

I absolutely hate Guillen and Manuel but that is a damn nice card.

I hope Miggy does well in Detroit. He should bloom into a true power hitter next season if he comes into Spring Training in shape.

Steve Gierman said...

I know Miggy will give the Sox a run for their money in the AL Central. I just hope that the D-Train finds a better ERA in the AL.

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