Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Holiday Bliss

Well, my holiday was not entirely baseball free, thank goodness. I saw bits of Mark Buehrle's no-hitter and Jim Thome's 500th homer games on Chicago's local Comcast Sports station. They also replayed a Cubs game that my future mother-in-law was interested in.

No baseball cards unwrapped at Christmas this year, but that's OK. Tracey and I got a lot of gift cards that we will use in 2008. Mostly department stores and restaurants, but one came from a movie theater with style called Hollywood Blvd. It's a place where you can eat a sit down meal and have alcohol in a comfy leather chair and see a first run feature. It's the only place that I'll really go to see a movie.

I was reminded of this fact when Tracey, her sister and I caught a Christmas Day movie at a theater around her. I could barely move in the seat. We saw National Treasure: Book Of Secrets. The first one was slightly better, but that's not saying much. I accept it for what it is, a mindless popcorn movie. I saw a lot of actors slumming it for a paycheck, which is always amusing. The Goofy cartoon that preceded the movie was much better. It was a throwback to the Goofy cartoons from the 50's. It was about how to set up a high definition home theater system. I'm also a movie nut, so it was very funny to me.

When I got a free moment today, I checked the obligatory blogs and sites and ran across this at Wax Heaven. I was intrigued by the headline "White Sox Cards blog saves Christmas". I was very pleased to see that Mario got the cards that I sent over to him. I was hoping that they would arrive on Christmas Eve, but you can't make the U.S. Post Office go any faster, especially around this time of year. I imagine it's a madhouse around there during the holidays.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday and got something that they can brag about. No matter if it was a gift, a gesture, or just being with the ones you love, I hope everyone had something positive this holiday.

OK, I'm done. Back to baseball cards and White Sox related stuff.

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