Monday, December 3, 2007

Jealousy And Awe

Most people who know me know what a huge White Sox fan I am. Occasionally, people will send me links on White Sox related material. Today, I got a doozy in the e-mail from Wax Heaven.

Check out this guy's cards. I'm a bit dazed by all of the pretty cards, so I don't know if this guy owns all these cards or what. If he does, color me impressed. I took a look at all the sub albums and I was blown away at the sheer volume of it. I want these cards. Some are one of ones, so I know that I will never obtain them. But I want them anyway.

One card in particular that I'd maim for (I'm not a firm believer in killing) would be the Shoeless Joe Jackson bat card. I want one! I will make it 2008's goal to scrounge enough cash to obtain this card. That will be my New Year's resolution. OK, my only selfish one.

I could drool over the White Sox World Series relic cards that are in this collection. Yes, I want them all, but I would be happy if I could get the Shoeless Joe bat card. The coolest card I have right now would have to be the triple material card of the pitcher, catcher and batter involved in the infamous A.J. Pierzynski dropped third strike play.

I have over 3,000 different White Sox cards in my collection as of this writing. It's a decent start, but there's much more work to be done. If I can obtain this card in 2008, it will be the crown jewel in my collection. I have confidence that I can make it happen. It's just going to take time, luck and skill.

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