Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Case For Josh Fields

For a long time, I seemed to be the only fan that was supporting Josh Fields. Since his name has appeared in many trade rumors this off-season, more supporters have come out of the woodwork. It's about time.

Josh Fields has the tools to become a great player. The White Sox would be gambling away their future by giving up a player of this caliber for short term gains that are not guaranteed. Granted, nothing is guaranteed, but Josh has shown more than just promise in his stint with the White Sox in 2007.

In 100 games, he has improved defensively at third base, while trying to also learn left field. He hit 23 home runs and had 67 RBI. Not bad for a rookie who was learning a new position of the fly. The only real problems were the .244 average and the high strikeout ratio. If the strikeouts are lessened, the average should come up.

I'm also encouraged by the White Sox decision to keep him at third base. Whatever happens with Joe Crede, Josh will be ready to take over should Joe leave by trade or free agency. Over Christmas, I stumbled upon this video of highlights from Josh's 2007 season. It should open some people's eyes about Josh.

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