Thursday, December 6, 2007

1987 Classic

I remember there being such a huge buzz over this release when it came out. It looked nothing like Topps, Donruss, or Fleer. It had trivia questions on the back and there was a game you could play! I never knew anyone who physically played the game. They were too interested in the cards.

I had only heard rumors of this set when it first came out, but again, I was 10 when this was released. The first one I actually found was the 1990 blue set. If my local card shop ever had these sets, they sold out early in the morning on the first day. Any stray singles that found their way into the display case were quickly snapped up for premium prices.

I remember people going nuts over the Bo Jackson green card. A kid in a football uniform pretending to swing a baseball bat. That was unheard of at the time. Now you see things like that all over the hobby, but back in 1987, it was new and exciting. There seemed to always be a gimmick card. The yellow update set had the Niekro "Who Me?" card.

I've always held a special place for this release. It's, well, a classic. The borders are simple and tasteful. There was a large photo, before that was the norm. It was also a middle finger to the licensed cards. Classic marketed this as a game, so they could get around the licensing.

There were 100 cards in the green Game set and 50 cards in the yellow Update set. The disappointing part for me is that there are only two White Sox cards between the two sets. Both of the cards appear in the green set. There was no reason to get the yellow set for me, but I have more yellow singles than green in my non-White Sox collection, for some odd reason.
  • 41 - Carlton Fisk
  • 42 - Harold Baines

It helps ease the sting of only two White Sox cards when those two cards are of Fisk and Baines. Those were easily my two favorite star players from that period. At that point in my life, Fisk and Baines could do no wrong, and they never did, in my opinion.

1987 was also the year of my biggest White Sox related regret. The Sox had a policy for every Sunday home game, that kids could go meet their favorite players and get autographs and ask questions. I got into line to meet Harold Baines, but ultimately chickened out. That missed opportunity doesn't change my opinion of Harold or of this great set.

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Tragik007 said...

Yeah, when you showed me the list of Canseco cards you had I thought it was weird that you had so many Classics.

I remember they use to hawk those on QVC in the late 80's early 90's and I could never afford them....I guess I have the last laugh cause I am sure Score is booking for more these days than Classic!

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