Thursday, December 27, 2007

#26 - Earl Battey

Earl didn't do much in a White Sox uniform. He was one of the first black players that signed as a rookie with the Sox. Most of the other Sox players came from other organizations. Yes, even "Mr. White Sox" himself, Minnie Minoso, started out on the Cleveland Indians.

26 seems to be the number of success, just not with the White Sox. Earl found his success with the Twins in the sixties. Bobby Bonilla also wore 26. He found his success with the Pirates.

Earl represents number 26 in an unusual way. This represents all the missed opportunities that the White Sox were a part of throughout the years. Even Ellis Burks had better years with other teams and he wore number 26 with the White Sox. Andy Gonzalez wore 26 for the Sox in 2007. He just agreed to tryout for the Indians in 2008 Spring Training. Will Andy break out and become a star? Only time will tell.

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