Friday, December 21, 2007

Card Spotlight 12-21-07

While looking through cards on eBay, I ran across this card of Sammy Sosa. All I have to say is, what the hell is going on with the hair? It seems to be escaping off the top of his head. To be fair, if I was Sammy's hair and had to live with him every day, I'd want to escape too.

I guess Sammy was trying to be stylish for his Sears portrait. The fade and the poofy hair were laughable back then. Now, it just looks like he was smoking something he found on the side of the road. Maybe that explains that goofy grin he's displaying. I guess this was before any steroids. Sorry, alleged steroids. He looks thin, scraggly and goofy.

I can still remember the joke he was when he was patrolling right field at Comiskey Park II. The bored fans around me would spell out his name and shout wake up to him. To his credit, he didn't respond and kept his eye on the game. When you have White Sox fans turn on you, you know you're in real trouble if you are on the White Sox at the time.

Shortly after this, Sammy would be traded to the North Side for George Bell. Sammy went on to world-wide fame a few years later and would forget how to speak English when in a jam and George Bell would be pumping gas in the Dominican Republic a few years later. That trade was truly a crossroads. A career not yet started and a career in the limelight, soon to fall.

I always thought the Studio cards were cool and different. They were usually something you didn't see in other card releases at the time. This card just reminds me of how much Sammy really sucked when he was on the White Sox. Sure, he had his moments, but for the most part his time would be forgettable on the South Side.

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--David said...

Holy smokes! That hair is way over the top (no pun intended, but if it works, why not?)!! He looks like that carpenter guy on TV - Dan Don-Jumbo or whatever... Okay, Andrew Dan-Jumbo (I looked it up)... Anyway, there ya have it...

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