Saturday, December 15, 2007

#3 - Harold Baines

#3 goes to Harold Baines. Who'd you think it was going to go to, Babe Ruth. Sorry, Babe was never a White Sox. Harold is another automatic inclusion. He had his number retired by the White Sox in 1989, before the half-way point in his career. That's how loved Harold was and still is in Chicago.

He was selected to 6 All-Star teams, 4 of those were with the White Sox. When his knees started to go, he turned himself into the premier designated hitter. He is a lasting tribute to ex-owner Bill Veeck. Bill spotted Harold playing little league in 1971. In 1977, the White Sox made Harold their number one pick in the draft. Baines has both the most career hits and most career RBI of any eligible player not in the Hall of Fame.

Harold still has strong ties to the White Sox. He earned a World Series ring (his first) as the bench coach of the 2005 World Champion team. He is currently the White Sox first base coach.

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