Wednesday, December 19, 2007

#12 - Ed Herrmann

There just doesn't seem to be a great crop wearing #12 for the White Sox. Candidates include Ed Herrmann, Steve Lyons, Eric Soderholm, Mike Huff, Jim Morrison, Willie Harris, A.J. Pierzynski, Chris Singleton and Julio Cruz.

This was almost A.J.'s, but from 1969 until 1974, Ed Herrmann was the White Sox starting catcher. Ed was not marred in controversy, he just showed up and played the most demanding position on a baseball diamond. I've played every position in baseball, not professionally though. I can tell you catching is one of the most taxing activities you can do playing baseball. Not only do you need to know your own staff, you need to know everyone else's staff and everyone else's roster. You get run into, bats narrowly miss you and you get to crouch for at least eight half innings.

Ed made the All-Star team in 1974, his final year with the White Sox, but did not play. He never had a fielding percentage lower than .983 with the White Sox. He also hit usually in the mid-.250's, which was fantastic for a catcher in those days.

Pierzynski will pass Ed Herrmann with a few more seasons under his belt with the White Sox. But as of this moment, Ed has the advantage. If I know A.J. though, he will make his move for this spot soon.

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