Thursday, December 13, 2007

This Is The Result Of Steroids?

While browsing through a pdf of the Mitchell Report, I started to get bored of pouring through the medical side of steroids. I already learned about that in medical classes I took. I panned down to a bunch of blurry scans of checks and money orders, at the end of the report.

There I found Jim Parque's name. He was the only left handed pitcher of the bronze winning 1996 US Olympic team. He spent most of his playing days with the White Sox. The rest he spent with the Devil Rays. His best year came in 2000, when he posted 13 wins and 6 losses, while helping the White Sox win the Central Division.

He was beset by a torn labrum that resulted in recurring arm troubles. He finally retired in 2004. Jim attempted a comeback in 2007 with the Mariners. They released him after only 4 months.

Did Jim try steroids to help him get over his bum arm? It sounds likely. Or did Jim's use of steroids result in his 2000 performance? We may never know. But it is a shame that Jim had to resort to this. He was very likable in his stint with the White Sox.

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