Monday, December 17, 2007

2007 Upper Deck First Edition

It's a little late for a set review of 2007 Upper Deck First Edition. That came out at the beginning of the year. Well, my blog only came about last month, so you're going to have to deal with it.

I like the idea behind First Edition. It's like Opening Day from Topps, only from Upper Deck. They shuffle the cards up, take a few out, and slap on a different color scheme on the design. Usually, a little snazzier than the regular issue.

Typically, it's a few from the first regular series and a handful of players that will pop up in the second series. Not bad for the beginning of the year. It piques enough interest to make me want to pick up a few packs or a cheap blaster box.

The design is minimal and flawless. A large picture, two very small sides with team and position info. The name is centered towards the bottom with the First Edition banner floating below. The design is good.

The regular set has 300 cards. A nice preview of the two regular series. The White Sox player are as follows.
  • 8 - Josh Fields
  • 9 - Chris Stewart
  • 10 - Jerry Owens
  • 11 - Ryan Sweeney
  • 67 - Jermaine Dye
  • 68 - Jim Thome
  • 69 - Rob Mackowiak
  • 70 - Brian Anderson
  • 71 - A.J. Pierzynski
  • 72 - Alex Cintron
  • 73 - Jose Contreras
  • 74 - Bobby Jenks
  • 75 - Mike MacDougal

There are 13 cards for the White Sox. Or are there? I have found floating around cards of #306 - John Danks and #308 - Gustavo Molina. The best that I can tell, is that these are part of a 10 set rookie redemption program. I was aware of the regular series having this program, but not first edition. The surprises you find out about when you are not looking for them are always the most astounding.

I'm pleased with the output of Upper Deck here. They could have made this another pointless parallel set, but they mixed it up and added a few surprises here and there. This release is usually cheap enough to pick up a lot of when it first comes out. I know I did, when I first saw this earlier in the year.

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