Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mailbox Joys: 1963 Al Smith

I purchased my first 1963 Topps card. It came in the mail on Monday, but held off a few days on this post. I've been in the midst of trying to pull off a few trades here and there. I've been gathering a want list to eventually post on the site. It won't list every card that I'm missing, but hopefully it will grow to a good size list and then start shrinking.

The only thing I really remember about Al Smith was the famous photograph taken in Game 2 of the 1959 World Series. The one where Al gets doused with a cup of beer that was sitting on the fence. In all the excitement of the home run that the Dodgers hit, the cup was knocked over and the contents landed on Al's head.

That's good enough for me to cement Al's place in White Sox history. It, in a way, symbolized the 1959 World Series for Chicago at least. A cruel trick that started out fun, but left the White Sox cold and wet.

I always dreamed of a time, when I was a kid, where I would be old enough to buy an older baseball card and not have to count my nickels and dimes. That hasn't quite happened yet, but I'm getting closer every year. I still am counting my nickels and dimes. My pennies too. This card was won at auction for 99 cents. Not a bad eBay pick up.

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