Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Legend Heads West

Aaron Rowand will be heading to San Francisco for 5 years. The White Sox are really running out of viable options for centerfield. It looks like they will either stick with what they got or try and pull off a trade.

Aaron got his 5 year contract. I say good for him. I've always liked Aaron. I hope good things continue to happen to him. Hopefully, last year's power numbers are not a fluke. From what I've heard in interviews, it shouldn't be.

The Giants get spectacular defence and a guy who's not afraid of pain. If he does the same things in San Francisco that he did in Chicago and Philadelphia, he should have another city that loves him. If he brings his bat as well, the Giants should start climbing up the ladder in the NL West.

Good luck Aaron. Maybe you will be the key for the Giants to dominate that weak division.

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