Monday, December 17, 2007

2007 eTopps Moments And Milestones

Something smells fishy about this release. At least to me anyway. I never really bought into the whole eTopps thing. Pristine cards are offered for sale that lessen in value if you actually want to see them. Isn't the whole point of collecting to actually see and enjoy your collection?

I was caught up in the hype in October, but I also had some common sense left. I wasn't about to pay $7 a card for something that I may never potentially see. I paid $5.75 for the Jim Thome and $6.75 for the Mark Buehrle. Yes, I got caught in a mini bidding war for the Buehrle, but I still didn't pay $7. It's the principle of the thing.

Since I purchased them on eBay, they have gone down in value. Thome is down to $4.75, not too far from what I actually paid. Buehrle is down to $4.23. I like both of these players so I can live with it. For the record I liked Thome when he was on the Indians and the Phillies and I would still like Buehrle if he ever packs up for St. Louis, like he's joked about in the past.
  • Alex Rodriguez - 500 Home Runs
  • Mark Buehrle - No Hitter
  • Tom Glavine - 300 Wins
  • Craig Biggio - 3,000 Hits
  • Sammy Sosa - 600 Home Runs
  • Frank Thomas - 500 Home Runs
  • Jim Thome - 500 Home Runs
  • Justin Verlander - No Hitter
  • Pedro Martinez - 3,000 Strikeouts
  • Curtis Granderson - 20/20/20
  • Prince Fielder - 50 Home Runs

Two White Sox cards, two ex-White Sox cards and one of someone who grew up in Blue Island, which is only a few miles away from my hometown. Not too bad Chicago-wise. The milestones are amazing as well as the player selection. It's hard to remember every major event that happens in a year of baseball. Some get lost in the shuffle and some you don't even realize happened.

There is also a moments card of Barry Bonds that was offered for $11, in addition to the 11 card set. It commemorates his "achievement" of 756 home runs.

This is a great set. It combines the look of Allen & Ginter with the feel of Moments & Milestones. The only thing I don't like about this set is that it's an online entity. It almost feels like you're being ripped off. Collecting is for seeing and touching, not seeing an image that looks like your card and not being able to hold it in your hands right away.


--David said...

It took me a year or two before I understood the appeal of eTopps. Of course, that was a year or two after the initial release of cards (many of which still have strong value). I like that I *can* have the cards sent to me if I want, but I do not have to. Why would I want that? I buy cards that I hope to trade for cards I want. I rarely buy at IPO because for the most part, cards decrease in value, as you have seen. But, mainly, I buy them (Indians mostly) to get them in-hand. In fact, when I do get them sent to me, I take them out of the stupid plastic holders... Let them breathe! :-) I have lost money on eTopps because I am not a "flipper" who sells the second after they get the cards in their online portfolio. I am an old-school collector/trader, and eTopps is just another way for me to live out my obsession, er, hobby. :-)

Tragik007 said...

Wait a you bought a card and they keep it? What is the point in that? Can't anyone just say they own it and lie about it?

Tragik007 said...

I just did my research and I do not like it. At least you have the option of having it delivered but what a lousy idea, IMO.

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