Monday, December 17, 2007

Mailbox Joys: Wish You Were Here?

OK, I know I missed out on a lot of cards after the 1994 strike. I'm still taken aback by this card that I ran across. A card made up to look like a postcard. That's a new one to me.

I'm all for interesting cards, but this even stretches my limits. It's not even an insert card, It's part of the base set for 1999 Skybox Premium. It smells like a Fleer card from the 90's and gee whiz, it is a Fleer card from the 90's.

I can't imagine too many people getting excited about this card for more than two seconds. Well, maybe kids, but not too many adults. Scratch that. Not too many people over the age of 10. It has an interesting "kid from camp" feel to it. I can just imagine little Frankie writing home from camp.

"Ma, things are so cool here! I'm the biggest kid here and everybody wants to play with me. I'm always the first one picked. I sure miss your home cookin'. Today I hit the ball all the way to the trees! I felt just like Superman! I never want camp to end! Some of the other kids are eatin' Pixie Stix to help give them extra energy. But I remember what you always told me. There are no shortcuts in life and anything worth doin' is worth doin' well by eatin' healthy and practicing. And like Pa always said, just cuz you're doin' well, don't believe the hype. It'll always mean trouble if you believe the hype. I can't wait to come home but I wish I could stay here forever! Send my love to everyone back home. Frankie"

I have no idea if Frank Thomas ever wrote a letter home like that. It's kind of fun to think that he might have though. That's what this card makes me think about. No, I'm not seeing anyone professionally, but the advice is noted.

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