Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1991 Classic Series Three: Green

Continuing on down the line for 191 Classic releases is Series 3. The exact same design as the first two releases. The only differences being the player selection and the color scheme. This choice of green is a bit underwhelming considering the pop of the blue and red from 1991.

All three series in 1991 had 100 cards each. I'll be honest with you, I never knew the third set existed until I started to track the information down. Any Classic release in 1991 never made it to a toy store near me, which is where they usually popped up.

The only cards I had really seen were from series two back then. By process of deduction, I assumed there must be a series one. Series three never made it onto my radar back then. But this was a time where the closest contact I had with a computer was the Apple II that I worked on in class, somewhere around 1987. There wasn't an Internet that I was aware of at that time. The computer was nothing more to me than an expensive typewriter, where it was easier to correct mistakes, and something that you could play Oregon Trail on.

Same type of photos, same varied player mix, same results as previous releases. Out of 100 cards, the White Sox had two cards in this set. The difference was that both players were skipped in the previous two series.
  • 21 - Carlton Fisk
  • 66 - Jack McDowell

Carlton look pissed off on this card. Could it be that he's not happy that only one of his teammates are with him in this set? Could be. At least the other card is of ace Jack McDowell. Jack's card shows him pitching. There's not much else you can really say about that. At least it's not an Upper Deck gimmick card showing Jack batting.

Overall, this is a nice set. It goes well with the other series. If you put the collection in an album, the transition from series to series would look nice. I'm a bit disappointed with the number of White Sox cards, but at least there are some. A few earlier Classic sets had no White Sox cards to speak of.

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