Thursday, December 6, 2007

Psychiatric Help 5 Cents

Wakko Warner once said, "I think you need to see a P. Sychiatrist". He may have been talking to Kenny Williams. The one big trade he got accomplished has been minimized for what he didn't get done. I'm not sure what plan he's on now, but one thing is definitely clear, the environment for secret dealings is over.

Kenny's specialty has always been to get things done "under the radar". Unfortunately, that can't be done consistently anymore. There are too many ears around, too many cameras and too many blogs with rumors posted at an alarming rate. That is a wonderful thing, but it operates against every instinct that Kenny has.

The reason for this post was to point out another current and relative comic at Smells Like Mascot. Naturally, the post morphs into that and other things. Carl Skanberg's newest comic illustrates the frustration of Kenny Williams as a GM. Not all the time, but a lot lately.

I do applaud Kenny for being open and honest with White Sox fans. He never lies to your face about how things are. He's just overly optimistic occasionally. I don't think he need to go back to closing everyone out, but he definitely needs to keep some things to himself. Maybe next time, the other 29 GMs won't be three steps ahead at all times. Go see Lucy this weekend. It'll only cost you five cents and you'll still have 45 cents left over to tempt the next dollar free agent.

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