Sunday, December 30, 2007

#29 - Jack McDowell

Black Jack McDowell rightfully deserves to be number 29. Other notable players to wear 29 include John Kruk, Keith Foulke and Greg Walker. All of those players were great in their own right, but Jack beats them all.

A little thing called Cy Young trumps anything these guys ever brought in a White Sox uniform. Jack won the Cy Young in 1993. Like most Sox pitchers in the early nineties, Jack couldn't get his ERA under 3.00, but the potent offense that the Sox had at the time made Jack a 20 game winner in 1992. They also made him a 22 game winner in 1993.

Besides becoming the ace of the staff and wowing fans with strikeouts and eaten innings, Jack also rocked out at a side job. He played in two different alternative bands while on the White Sox. The first was called V.I.E.W. and opened up for the Smithereens before they disbanded in 1992. He formed Stickfigure shortly after and is still doing that. For rocking on the mound and on stage, 29 will always be Jack's.

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