Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Most Consistent Of 2007?

If there's any solace in the 2007 season, it's that statistically the White Sox were the most consistent team in major league baseball according to this article that I ran across. Consistently bad is still consistent.

The article uses a lot of math and statistics to explain that the White Sox didn't waste their runs in blowout games. Every run, with the exception of a couple of games, was needed and needed badly. The White Sox scored +8.6! How sick is this? They scored +2.5 more consistency than the team in second place, the Philadelphia Phillies.

In contrast, the Red Sox had the third worst consistency rating with -3.8 and the Yankees scored -4.7 for second worst. The absolute worst is Frank Thomas' team, the Blue Jays with a consistency rating of -5.3. Yet, the Rockies scored +4.3. How jacked up is that?

It just goes to show you that before long, there will be a statistic for everything. Hey, at least the White Sox can claim to be the best in baseball in something in 2007.

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