Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007 Upper Deck Holiday Inn

OK, the image is from eBay, because I am feeling a little under the weather today. Therefore, I feel too lazy to scan my cards from this set. That being said, let's dig in.

These cards were given away as a promotional item to Priority Club members at Holiday Inn. They were offered from May 31, 2007 through July 30, 2007, when a member would stay at a Holiday Inn. The packs came with a Cal Ripken insert that gave you info on how to sign up for fabulous prizes (prizes are not fabulous) like free hotel stays, autographed merchandise and a possible trip to the 2007 World Series.

The packs came with four cards, 3 regular cards and one of four different Ripken inserts. The basic card set is 60 cards. There are only two White Sox cards in the set.
  • 4 - Paul Konerko
  • 5 - Jermaine Dye

The card design reminds me of a curtain that's being lifted. The color scheme makes me think of Holiday Inn ironically. The cards I have seen from this set have nice clear shots of the player. This is a unique small set that's easily picked up on eBay. I haven't stayed in a Holiday Inn since I was a little kid, but if they are giving away baseball cards next year, maybe I'll stay there and try to finagle a pack or two.

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