Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ending Up With It Anyway

I had an agreement to trade for this 2011 manufactured patch card of Manny Ramirez with a blogger. I just had to find the patch card that he was looking for. After two blasters without success, I decided it would be cheaper to head on eBay. I could pick up the patch for a fraction of the price of a blaster and know exactly what I was getting, as opposed to the unknown gamble that awaited another blaster purchase.

After losing out on a dozen auctions of the patch I was looking to pick up to trade for the Ramirez, I saw the White Sox card at an auction ending in a few minutes with no bids. Fully expecting to get outbid at the last possible second, I put in the minimum bid. Amazingly, I won the auction and ended up paying ninety-nine cents for the card.

Sometimes you end up with what you were looking for, despite your best efforts to trade for it. I'm sure that the blogger and I will find another trade to pull the trigger on, later in the season. I'll still be on the lookout for that patch that I was willing to trade away, just in case.

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