Friday, August 14, 2009

We All Have Strange Fans

We all have our "strange" fans that take their fanaticism to new levels.

I'm thinking that this is either a spoof video or someone really forgot when this was originally recorded. It is stated to happen in 1983, but the Ripken card used is clearly a 1984 Topps. They couldn't even spell Ripken's name right in the opening credits. Either way, it's still an odd little video. It's amazing the bizarre things you stumble across on the web.

The only thing this video managed to do was set Ripken's career on fire. Maybe Cal should thank them from Cooperstown. Truly odd and laughable.


Jason T. Carter said...

Well, cards used to be released in December if I recall correctly. So it could be "late 1983"...and it would still be following the playoffs, though not *immediately* after.

Steve Gierman said...

That's plausible and that did run across my mind. It's still funny to think that someone got a brand new Cal Ripken Jr. card for Christmas and decided to burn if in effigy.

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