Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2007 Legendary Cuts

I always like the Legendary Cuts sets from Upper Deck. This year's set is not up to their usual standards. It looks OK, but I liked the 2006 set much better.

One thing that keeps this set from being great is that it's too dark. Black and red is a nice color combo, but it drowns out the picture here. There's too little picture and too much black. The darkness also blurs the fine detail that Upper Deck put into the card. There's nice scrolling and a nameplate underneath the picture, but do you see it? All I see from this picture is a tarnished dark gold-greenish blob with specks of black. The red is used effectively, but it would've been more complimentary if it was contrasted against something a little lighter to get the details.

The Legendary Cuts sets are always difficult to complete in team sets. There is little info given as to which team a player is on until you actually see the card itself. I recently found a missing card to the 2006 team set that I thought I had completed back in May 2007. You just never know what team a player is going to pop up on. That being said, I think I've pieced together the White Sox team set list for 2007.

20 - Luis Aparicio
21 - Nellie Fox
22 - Luke Appling
108 - Nellie Fox (Legendary Lineage) /550
121 - Al Lopez (Legendary Lineage) /550
122 - Luis Aparicio (Legendary Lineage) /550
123 - Luke Appling (Legendary Lineage) /550

Luke Appling is a no brainer unless they used they used a picture of him on the minor league Atlanta Crackers. The others have a slight chance of not being on the White Sox. I'm sure of the regular printed base set 20,21, and 22, because I have those cards in hand.

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