Monday, November 19, 2007

California Cool

Jon Garland to the Angels for Orlando Cabrera and cash.

Not exactly the Cabrera I was expecting to be on the White Sox. Considering Orlando's OBP is average, it will be a step up from the lows this past season. My question is, now that the Sox picked up Juan Uribe's $5MM option and a new $9MM shortstop, what do they do with Juan Uribe? I'm sure Kenny Williams has something in mind, but I'd love to know what.

I've been a vocal champion for Jon Garland since he got to the South Side. I just didn't have a blog until this month. I've been pulling for this guy for a long time. First off, it was just a great trade to hold over the Cubs. Their top prospect for one crappy reliever. I'm happy when Garland's successful and frustrated when he's not. Jon has a boatload of potential. He just doesn't tap into it all the time.

The press around Chicago would get on his case a lot for the way he presented himself. He came off as not caring, but it was his California upbringing. Jon's laid back and doesn't let things get to him. It certainly didn't help that he was constantly in trade rumors for the past few years.

I've learned long ago that baseball is a business. That doesn't mean that you don't get attached to players. That's the beauty of this game. Players stick with you for one reason or another. It could be a great performance or a kind gesture or you think the guy looks like your uncle. Whatever it is, you latch on to these players and follow their careers long after they've left your team. Jon is one of those guys for me.

Jon, I appreciated all that you've done for the White Sox. Usually a guaranteed 12 wins a season and a World Championship. Good luck in California. Maybe you'll make your way back to the White Sox in free agency. To Orlando Cabrera, welcome to Chicago. You'll love it here.

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