Monday, November 26, 2007

2006 Topps Co-Signers

My dear lord, what did Topps do? This has to be the one of the ugliest sets of 2006! The picture on the left is very kind to the actual card. The green, red and yellow striping that you see in the scan is actually textured gold foil. The card has gold foil stamped logos and a gold foil stamped signature. This looks like Mr. T's dream card!

Every time I flip through my 2006 collection of White Sox cards, I come to the Co-Signers page and I am instantly repulsed. The design is good. It flows nicely and looks attractive. The picture selection is decent. A nice bright face shot and a greyed out action shot. That looks fine. The gold foil is what detracts from the card. The gold makes the card look cheap and gaudy. If Topps would've left the gold foil to just the signature, the set would rate much higher. It would have been just the right touch of foil. It definitely wouldn't be this overpowering fiasco. Mark Buehrle's face shot pretty much says it all for this release.

Like I mentioned in the paragraph above, there are many positives to this card. The one major negative outweighs most of the positives. There are only three White Sox cards in the base set for this release.
  • 3 - Paul Konerko
  • 33 - Scott Podsednik
  • 53 - Mark Buehrle

The player selection is decent for a 100 card release. Although, the Yankees have 10 cards for their team and the Mets have an astounding 7 cards. The Red Sox only have 4 cards, which is odd. I'm just happy the White Sox have 3 cards. It could have been a lot worse. It is nice to see a Josh Gibson card in the set. This was before the onslaught of mirrored cards of Gibson for this year's Topps set.

I love all White Sox cards, but this set is definitely a candidate for tough love.

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