Friday, November 30, 2007

1977 Topps Revisited

Just chalk it up to the joys of collecting. While I was researching the Ken Brett article, I found this card on the left. While I had heard about this card before, it completely slipped my mind that Ken may be in a White Sox uniform on the card.

This took me by surprise last night. I normally look for examples on Beckett's site, so I don't have to pull my cards out and scan them. I knew what card I wanted, so I put Ken Brett's name and 1977 Topps in the search engine on Beckett's online price guide. When two cards popped up, I did a double take.

I thought I was done with the 1977 White Sox team set. Apparently not. You see, I make super team sets. If a player is shown in a White Sox uniform, I collect it. It doesn't matter if he's listed on another team, like a lot of today's releases, just as long as that Sox uniform is there. If the player is listed as being on the White Sox, but is shown in his previous uniform, I collect it. Multi-player/multi-team cards? I'm all over them, as long as a Sox player is on it.

So, even though brother George is shown in his powder blue Kansas City uniform, brother Ken is shown in the collared White Sox softball uniform. I'm on it!


Unknown said...

I picked up the original black and white printing plate of the 1977 Topps White Sox team picture card of the players in their short lived shorts! A great Topps Vault find!!

'77 was the best Sox year for shere fun all summer long....would not trade the memories of all those packed park games!!


Steve Gierman said...

That's an awesome find!

I wish I was old enough to remember the 1977 season. Unfortunately, I turned 1 right after the season ended. Cherish those memories!

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